Hello Everyone,

It is good to be home, well back online again. yes, It’s been a while since I posted but I have a great excuse, ok sort of a good maybe just ok one. The divorce war ended 14 months ago, (YEAH!) and so you say why did you take so long to share? Well, I’ve been busy resting. The upheaval with leaving a long married life, then the battle for freedom, and starting to work on a masters degree mentally exhausted me. I was no good to no one. Writing did give me a reason to get up but it was so hard to motivate myself to put pen to paper, so to speak. But now, my head is clear, my brain is ready to engage in flights of wonder or wander, and I have some great news to share. I am still in shock over this; on August 31, 2017, I will have a debut thriller/mystery released. That’s right, I get to say I’m a published author. WhooWho! I hope if you read this that you will read, man I’m having a hard time saying novel, so I’ll say my novella. The title is What Hides Beneath. 

Look for it at a fine book dealer near you!

I would like to hear your comments regarding this work but only if they are nice. I’m joking. All comments are welcome, just make sure they are something you wouldn’t mind a child reading. Yes, keep the comments clean, please.

It feels great to be living again!