Someone said you spend your first fifty years of your life learning, the second fifty applying the lessons you learned in living. Today I take another step down the second half of my life road. Over the past month, I have reflected upon what I have learned in the last six months. Only one lesson kept coming to mind. Here it is: Thoughts are the seeds of creation. Positive thoughts generate good things. Negative thoughts compound and grow our life problems. If we want to improve the world around us, then we must start seeing the good in all situations, and sharing positive thoughts with others who can only see the wrong.

Today, my friends, I ask you to share and do some good as a gift to me, please. Here are some ways I encourage you to try to spread laughter, love, and enlightening thoughts to those around you if you chose to take up this cause.

Refuse to listen to a person complain. Instead, point out the good you see coming from their problem.

Do a random act of kindness. Pay for the person behind you at the toll booth or drive through.

Buy a bouquet of flowers and drop them at a nursing home to be given to someone who has no one left in their life.

Open the door for someone.

Smile at a stranger. You never know who needs to see some joy radiating from another.

Find something to compliment another on. Their hair, shirt, smile, whatever. We all have something good just find in someone one.

Spend some time alone and focus on all the positive things in your life. Send up a thank you for them.

Spend some time meditating on where you can find happiness then go shopping for it.

Buy a meal for someone on the corner holding a help sign.

Give out some hugs

Find a joke to share with the world. The dumber, the better.

Laugh at yourself. All of us do nonsensical things.

Read your favorite childhood book again.

Plant a happy seed in your family. Compliment them on a small gesture, an unusual thought, or just because they’re there.

Give a word or two of encouragement to a stranger. We all see moms struggling with crying children, people who have received disappointing news, or those who look just overwhelmed with life.

Turn around and walk away in silence from someone who wants to take away your joy,  Make it a part of your life to withhold judgement, condemnation, angry words.

Starting today, I will be trying hard to live by this myself. I have decided I would rather grow a crop of positive, happy, joyful, laugh filled thoughts than negative ones. After all, thoughts are the seeds of creation. Without intelligent, imaginative ones, inventions would not be dreamed up, stories would not be written, and no one would be smiling.

Go, make some smiles!