Today is my youngest child’s birthday. 21 years ago, i gave birth to the biggest child in the nursery. It’s funny I don’t think there is anything about that day that I can’t remember. Actually that whole week, still is in my head pretty good. Ashlyn was born early. Dr Mistry, decide not to make me endure any more pregnancy fun. I was bigger around than tall with her. Seriously they measured me at the hospital. I’m 60 inches tall. With her in me, I was 64 inches around. I still had fours weeks left before her due date.

My husband learned that day you don’t tell someone in labor they’re not in pain. I choked him. My mom who was in the waiting area with my son came in to offer him a cup of coffee.She got to see him turning red and the nurse doubled over not able to catch her breathe. She learned to, don’t tell someone they are not hurting. Ash was born after just three hours of labor. Sh weighed in barely under 10 lbs. When they went to measure her they had to bring in another table and and combine the two measuring sticks. She was 26 inches long. Ash was the largest baby in the nursery. My son born ten years earlier was the smallest.

He sat in the waiting room, bummed that he was getting a sister not a brother or a dog. he shared his disappointment with a man who’s wife had been in labor 24 hours already. After an additional 24 hours she gave birth to the smallest baby in the nursery.

Ash was born with a broken shoulder. My husband had lugged most of my camera equipment to the hospital to take photos. My son held her when she was only a few hours old and promised he would take care of her forever. Suddenly her being a girl was ok. we did later get a dog, well dogs. That night he wrote down a list of promises and things he would do for her. I kept that piece of paper. Fortunately when our house in Virginia, that piece of paper did not get wet. Jim’s college diploma in a leather case, ruined but that paper in a book, stayed untouched.

It’s funny the days that stand out in our lives, like the birth of our children, are days that each year we get to relive. It’s those moments, those days, those memories, that keep us going, that deepen our faith, that make us believe, that yeah, despite all of the screwed up, messed up mistakes and blunders, in our lives, we did something right, Thank God.