Calm me, oh Lord, as you stilled the storm

Still me, oh Lord, keep me from harm

Let all the tumult in me cease

Enfold me Lord, in your peace.


This old Celtic prayer will most likely become my personal mantra in this supposedly new year. Like many of you, my life did not magically change as the clock rolled over from 2013 to 2014. The same issues and problems followed me as well as the same prayers and desires. “Let the tumult in me cease” will be a daily prayer that I repeat many times during the course of a day this year, I’m sure.

So many unanswered prayers followed me into 2014 that in some ways I am doing nothing more than repeating 2013. Not what I want to do, not what I expected to do, definitely not what I will continue doing. Will I stop praying? Will I stop praying the same prayers that have yet to be answered? Will I except they they were answered no and I just didn’t get the message? Who knows because I surely don’t at this time.

If any of you have words of wisdom please share them with me. 

A new Year should fill our spirits with a renewed sense of calm, anticipation, desire. A new beginning should renew our hope that life will improve, new adventures are waiting, new memories, and most importantly, new joys are lined up waiting for us everyday. 

Yet, as much as I long to feel these things, I can’t. I see nothing new on the horizon. I try to but I am lost in a storm. Is it the frustrated writer in me who makes me blind? Is it the frustrated christian who doesn’t know when a prayer answer is coming? Is it my humanly self being too human?

What are you doing this year? What plans have you made? What new adventures do you see on your horizon? Share them please. Seeing the joy in my friends, seeing their dreams fulfilled, revives my faith in mankind and in God.

Sorry to start the year with such a down post. Love to you all.