This is a few days late in posting. I needed time to consider should I do this or not. Obviously Why not won the discussion. On Monday, I, in theory, celebrated a birthday. I say in theory because, I don’t celebrate that day. I can’t. Yet so many friends sent me greetings that I thought perhaps the time had come to embrace the happy I’m supposed to feel. I tried and failed. Sorry. I did appreciate the thoughts and the kindness of remembering me but I guess I’m never going to be a person who seeks attention anytime but especially on a day where I’m suppose to age. 

On my website, I asked for all my friends to celebrate me by doing a kindness to a stranger. I also said I would like to know what they did and maybe what it was that prompted them to do it and how they felt afterward. I’m asking the same of anyone who now reads this. 

Go find a stranger. That’s not hard, just leave your house. Then do something nice. I’m not saying extravagant, like buying them a car, get real here people. Something little, something thoughtful, something nice. If you’re in line buying a cup of coffee, tell the cashier to ring up the order of the person behind you. 

See someone on the road, say a prayer for them.

Offer an older person a seat on the bus, in the waiting area of a restaurant.

Offer to let someone go in front of you at a checkout.

Buy an extra movie ticket and leave it for someone waiting in line.

Little things done for no reasons or expectations add up to making the world kinder, gentler, nicer, and well a better place for us all to live. We have become a society that relishes attention shining upon ourselves. We want, what we want, when we want  it. Why is that? I’m sure science has an answer for my question. Me, I think it’s because we have, in a way, become less extroverted, more introverted even though we are a global society thanks to Twitter, Facebook, Pininterest and other social media platforms. These platforms in which we should be saying tell me about you instead of let me tell you about me.

Too many people live by that rule. They notice nothing that does not concern them. The world spins around them only, not the sun like we were taught in school. With so many worlds revolving around so many humans you would think that at some point there would be  great meteoric collisions. 

It’s time to change the rules we live by, think outside boxes, do unexpected things. Get out of the ‘it’s all about me’ rut by doing some unexpected kindness to an unsuspecting stranger.

Celebrate for me, well, for you. Go out find someone, do something kind and then tell me about it! I love a good story and I can’t wait to hear yours.