The most debilitating thing about writing is that the voice inside us, the voice we trust more than others, says, “You’re not good enough, you’re not smart enough, what you wrote yesterday really stinks.” What aspiring writers should keep in mind is that we all hear that voice, and sometimes that voice lies to us. In fact, when it comes to writing, that voice almost always lies to us. Midway through a book you are going to read back and think, “this is awful.” Now it may be awful, but it also may be wonderful and you’ve simply read it so many times your ear has gone deaf. Don’t listen to that voice.—Randy Wayne White

Do not hesitate to give your hero lusts of the flesh, dark passions, impulses to evil; for these dark powers fused with their opposites- the will to do good, the moral impulses, the powers of the spirit-will do to your character precisely what the opposite powers of fire and water do to the sword blade. —William Foster-Harris

One day it dawned on me: writing is not recorded thought at all. Writing is recorded sound, and the melody the words create can enhance the thought they convey, or it can contradict  it, or it can add another dimension that is entirely beyond the tethered confines of the subject-verb-predicate. We all have a little person in our head who reads the words to us when we encounter good writing. With great writing, the sounds of the words work together, and that little person breaks forth in song.–Tom Morrisey

Of all of these, the first by Randy White are the words that best reflect my writers psyche. Yes, I do have a voice in my head. It gives the story idea. I write the words it tells me to, then the voice, when reading my writing, keeps repeating, trash, trash, worse trash ever written. When I tell it shut up, it only gets louder. When I remind it that i wrote the words it put in my head, it tells me I need hearing aids.

I have decided my goal in life is not to shush the voice, not to ignore it always, but to control it by proving it wrong. Easier said than done, I know. But what keeps me inspired are the awful books I read, that have been published, some by best selling authors who had others works that I enjoyed.

How to do this, Follow the advice of the other two writers. Make my heroes human. Have them give into desires, battle the daily demons we all face, make some wrong choices, fail a little but in the end, be the person we all want to be.

Maybe then my words will sing. Not a symphony, not a beautiful love song, not something heard on a classical itunes download that relaxes you, but a rocking, moving, dance number that keeps you turning the page and makes you afraid to sleep before you finish reading it.

What does your voice say and how do you plan to defeat it?