Last week on the website the topic was follow. It got me  thinking, something I am not know for.

Follow, means go after or move along behind, go along a route, be a result or consequence, act according to advice or instruction, understand or pay attention (Oxford English Dictionary)

As a writer I am urged to build a social media platform using outlets that need followers. It’s suggested I tweet, search, follow back, like, etc. to gain more followers. That I post, get guest bloggers, link my blogs to others for followers, announce a new posting. In short publishing gurus want me to be followed by the masses. They want to see big numbers in my followers boxes. Somehow according to the scientific data given them by marketing experts, more followers guarantee more sells. More sells, more profit for them. (Okay more royalties for me.)

But that word follow, now so prevalent in our language has been around forever. Think about it.

Didn’t God tell Moses as he led the Hebrews away from Egypt to follow a pillow fire by night and a cloud by day? Didn’t Jesus tell Peter and Andrew to lay down their fishing nets and follow him?

Did he not send out 70 in search of followers?

See where I’m going?

The original concept of Follow? Still haven’t piece together my thought on this?

God gave the first follow but Jesus took it to a social media platform long before the guy who invented Twitter (sorry don’t know his name).

I had set a goal of gaining 20 new followers a week to grow my platform. The stress of trying to write, revise, rewrite and edit (what I do so poorly) was too much. My goals weren’t getting met.  Now I’ve put it in God’s hands. I have faith he’ll provide all I need to land a publishing contract, an agent, and what ever else the publishing world wants and whatever I need to sell a manuscript.

Me, I just want to write. He already gives me the words and ideas.

I never was comfortable with the concept of reaching out to strangers and having to post ideas, blogs, tweet, andI could never use the platforms to sell my books. Now I know why. I’m not God and even though my initials are JC, I’m not Christ.

I love connecting to the world, sharing thoughts and experiences but to feel people must follow me to make me famous, infamous, push me into the spotlight so a publisher will want my books and an agent will want to represent me, no it’s not me. Sorry I’ve never liked attention. God gave me a talent, I am trusting him to show me how to use it, to reach who he feels I should reach.

Yes, I need followers, not to buy my books or to get agents drooling over me. I need them to share with me this wacky crazy life I pursue called writing. I need sane people to keep me grounded. Honest people to keep me humble. I have made  new friends with some of my followers but really shouldn’t we all be more concerned about following God, the original social media man.

I say instead of following me, even though I try to lead the life he wants for us all to lead, walk beside me, hold my hand on this journey in life, help me up when I fall down, grasp me when I start to stumble, laugh with me, cry with me, be my friend.

Follow God instead.