Today i’m posting an article written by one of the young writer’s at Creative Writing Institute. She’s been a great person to work with. Her piece on Writing groups and why join them, I felt was very well done with great information. She kindly agreed to let me share it with you guys.

Thanks Ariel for doing this!  





Artists put their soul into every piece of their work. Critiques frighten them because every inch of themselves they gave their work is analyzed. Criticism can leave anyone raw and vulnerable, and writing falls right into that dark hole. Authors might feel compelled to hide their work, keeping it locked inside their computer for their eyes only. How can you crawl free and let your writing shine? A writers group, of course. 

Writers groups are filled with, well, writers. People with similar minds and similar fears who can add a fresh perspective to your work. Members of a group understand how much of yourself is laid bare in your writing. Their critiques, informative but kind, should foster the story instead of damage your self esteem. They will chip it here, add this there, and you craft your story into a masterpiece. While sensitive to a writer’s feelings, constructive criticism will improve any story. Aspiring authors must remember the writing industry is tough; refusing all criticism will land you in the middle of nowhere. 

Constructive criticism isn’t the only reasons to join a writers group. A group will offer you support and encouragement. It’s a friend who pulls you up and pushes your forward when you feel like sinking. They can dispel sudden doubts and reminded of you how talent you really are. The creative energy of a writers group will kick down any “writers block” clogging up your thoughts. These like-minded people can help bounce around ideas until that beautiful moment when something just clicks. And with similar passions, friendships are bound to blossom. 

Writing groups help with one of the most an important aspects of writing; discipline. You know, the little voice always crying in your head that says, “get off the internet and write!” Well, writers groups verbalize that voice. They set goals and timelines that push authors into actually sitting down and writing, or editing, which also takes a lot of self-motivation. Groups also read work out loud. Scary right? but highly beneficial. Reading your story allows let you hear the awkward dialogue, and stumble across those weird sentences. Sure it’s a little embarrassing, but it helps. 

The countless advantages of a writers group can’t be complied one short article. The best way to learn is to go. Trying joining a writers group in the next month and see how it goes. If you’re really sensitive about your work, ask if you can wait for critiques until you feel comfortable. Or, if you want solid advice from knowledgeable people, dive right in and ask how to get started. It’s your life, your work, and your choice how you deal everything. But if you dream about writing books, take a huge, and helpful, step then join a writers group.